Workflow Automation

Businesses thrive on processes to deliver defined outcomes, but many are not running optimally, many are indeed untamed. Through Xerox, our apps are designed to simplify and automate everyday office activities and improve productivity from expenses to forms management to automating approval processes. Taming the office processes, one app at a time.

Digitize Your Documents

Instantly transform printed documents into digital formats that you can easily edit in Word® or Excel®, store, retrieve, share, translate and even convert to audio files. These simple apps require no servers and no separate software solutions.

Work From The Cloud

Using simple cloud connectors, you can easily scan to and print via your current hosted cloud storage solution directly from your multifunction printer. You can also securely route critical documents to anyone on your network who needs them.

Link Your Apps to Ours

Already using key business applications to create and track expense reports, sales contracts, and forms? You can use our simple connector apps to link and route those documents directly to their destinations for efficient processing.